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7 Tricks to Keep Your Fridge Neat & Organized

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7 Tricks to Keep Your Fridge Neat & Organized

Article by: The Kitchn

Why is it that keeping the refrigerator organized is such a battle? For some reason everything seems to get pushed around and out of order. Then you end up with one lonely tomato or zucchini or cucumber that gets shoved to the back to rot and make a mess, which leads to spending your whole Saturday morning scrubbing the shelves.

You can take steps to avoid the rotten produce disaster scenario, but we can't guarantee it will be foolproof — especially if there are other people in your household. But as they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Try a few of these tricks to maintain order in your fridge.

1. Keep condiments corralled, but accessible.

We've long extolled the virtues of using a lazy Susan in your pantry to keep spices or baking ingredients accessible. So why not use the same idea in your fridge? This is especially smart if you don't store your condiments in your refrigerator door. Plus, when you're making sandwiches, it's easy to have everything out at once. (via Martha Stewart)

2. Store meat in a separate bin.

This one is not only a good idea for organization, but it also keeps your fridge sanitary on the off-chance that something leaks. Plus you'll be able to see what you have thawed and ready to cook easily. (via The Kitchn)

3. Use the right kind of containers.

If you keep carrot and celery sticks on hand, like this blogger does, make sure you find containers that fit both your food and your fridge. And if you pre-pack salads for the week, make sure you have matching containers to keep everything streamlined. (via First Home Love Life)

4. Put fruit bowls directly in the fridge.

Once your apples and oranges have passed the point of being able to sit out on the counter, pop the fruit bowl directly in the fridge. It will prevent delicate stone fruits from bruising, and will keep oranges from going rogue in the produce drawer. (via Two Twenty One)

5. Divide your drawers.

Just like you would do in your silverware drawer or your dresser drawers, add adjustable dividers to keep different kinds of produce separated and organized. (via HGTV)

6. Keep it kid-friendly.

If your kids are primarily in the fridge to grab an afternoon snack, make it easy on them and set up an area of the fridge that is dedicated to their food. No more rooting around trying to find the yogurt that's been pushed to the back and messing everything up in the process. (via Stockpiling Moms)

7. Add drawer liners.

Okay, this might not actually keep your fridge organized, per se, but it will make your fridge look much nicer, which we've found is sometimes motivation enough to keep things organized. (via A Bowl Full of Lemons)