Aphrodisiac Spices. My Top 5 Sex Enhancing Spices.

Aphrodisiac Spices. My Top 5 Sex Enhancing Spices.

Aphrodisiac Spices!  my list of top 5 aphrodisiac spices that can enhance your sex life.

Easy Breezy Lemon Squeezy - make a home made plain or passion fruit margarita, garnish the rim with salt that has been mixed with cayenne pepper. The burn on those lips will make you kiss even more passionately and the rush of blood will do the rest of the work.

Vanilla - it is said that the scent of pure vanilla acts as a stimulate of the  central nervous the system and its  scent indirectly efect and stimulate the sexual organs, Use high quality vanilla ice cream deep some strawberry in it and feed them to your lover..

Cayenne Pepper - spicy, exciting, uplifting and fantastic for circulation of the blood, and we all know where that blood goes.

Rosemary – though it is a calming agent, Rosemary is known to helps the brain focus and to sharpen memory, it is  also great as a muscle pain reliever when applied on sore areas. I like infusing olive oil with fresh rosemary and pure rosemary essential oil. Use it to massage your lover from head to toe, paying extra attention to their secret sensitive points…. (better find out where they are) results guarantee.

Nutmeg - Asian women have been praising Nutmeg as an aphrodisiac for centuries, it contains myristicin and similar compounds that are related to mescalin. In larger doses, nutmeg can cause hallucinations, whereas in smaller amounts it is a traditional aphrodisiac. Some studies that deal with aphrodisiac compounds have found that small dosages of nutmeg are capable of increasing libido and sexual desire, like the cayenne pepper it is due to the ability to stimulate of the central nervous system (it will wake your senses up). Most males experience few if any adverse effects; thus providing a scientific rationale for the use of nutmeg in the management of male sexual disorders.

Make an nutmeg ice tea:

Mixing jasmine tea bag (or ginger) in hot water and add 1/4 teaspoon of freshly grounded Nutmeg to the mix, add little honey for sweetness and pour over tall glass of ice.

Garnish with an edible flower or nutmeg sugar mix on the rim and feel free to lick it together,  If desired you can ad some rum into the mix for some buzz.

Fenugreek - this one is for the guys, for centuries fenugreek has been used to strength mens libido.  It is a well  known testosterone booster (used in many male oriented vitamin pills) What I have been doing recently is soaking fenugreek seeds in a medium pitcher of mineral water for 24 hours , stir it well and leave it in the fridge. The water will absorb many nutrients , trace mineral and unique antioxidants  from the seeds and will paint the water in yellowish color. The infused water will last for about 10 day, I take half a cup of this water daily. It is a bit bitter and odd tasting but it will do the trick. trust me.

As an important side note: the first thing we as human notice is scent, nothing kills romance as quickly as bad smell.

Watch out for your breath make sure its as fresh as possible  the wonder breath freshener spice is Clove! Clove is a strong  bacteria killer, try it, although a bit spicy and “antiseptic like ” (dah!) it will keep your breath delicious, just put a little clove powder in your mouth swirl it around let it sit for a minute, think of it as mama's nature Listerine.

In addition please make sure that the space/apartment/ hotel-room smells fantastic, scented candles, fragrant flower arrangement, and a good shower are keys to setting the mood to a sexy night.

Check out the spice list in my blog for additional information about the spices mentioned above.


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