Homemade Cumin and Garlic Scented Hummus

Homemade Cumin and Garlic Scented Hummus

In this video I will show you how easy it is to make a homemade hummus.

Unlike the store bought one, yours will have zero preservative or chemicals.

Hummus is one of the healthiest snacks/ spreads you can make at home. Feel free to add some spices and make it even more of  a SUPER FOOD .


  • 2 cups of cooked chickpeas (I cook mine with lemon juice) my sweet friend Morani says add salt to the water after the legumes are almost ready otherwise it will take much longer to cook) please use Celtic Sea Salt  which is the healthiest salt you can find. Here are the Celtic Sea Salt benefits. 

  • 1/2 cup raw tahini

  • Few peeled garlic cloves (or none if you don’t like garlic). Garlic Health benefits

  • Lemon juice from one lemon

  • Salt to taste

  • 1/4 cup olive oil

I add half tea spoon of Cumin to mine for added flavor and health.

Process in food processor to the desired consistency.


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