Spice up your Oatmeal

Spice up your Oatmeal

Spice up your oatmeal.  5 ways to add spices and health to your breakfast.

Cinnamon – That’s the most popular one and I’m sure many of you use it . Awesome with raisins and fresh apples.

Cardamom - Aromatic, exotic, perfect with prunes and apricots.

Nutmeg - If you like it nutty, great with walnuts, almonds and maple syrup.
Star anise - I know not everyone love that anise flavors , but if you do, than you got a winner, paired with pear it makes for a nice celebration for your palate. Drop those stars into the pot while you cook your oat and let the flavors come alive.

Ginger - If you like it a little on the spicy side you can use dried or fresh ginger and pair it with honey and any type of berry.

As always feel free to top  it all with Chia seeds – not really a spice,but an all star seed that will add calcium, fiber, and protein to your  morning meal.

All those spices can also be used when you bake your own oat meal cookies, thank you Brain Kelly (www.thepointsguy.com) for inspiring me to write this post, hope your oatmeal will never be boring.

For fun health facts and tips on the above spices, check out  the spice menu section on my blog HERE.
Please feel free to send more ideas and ways you spice up your oat meal.

The Spice Detective