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Spices that keep scalp healthy and promote hair growth.

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Spices that keep scalp healthy and promote hair growth.

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Hair loss is indeed a nightmare for most people. In a conservative country like India where hair is regarded as an asset, hair loss can be an embarrassing experience for many.

People would do anything to avoid balding and thinning of the hair. There are many reasons for thinning of the hair. Some of the causes are excessive physical or emotional stress, hormonal imbalances, deficiencies in nutrition, pollution, allergies, poor hair care routine, and hereditary factors.

The solution for this can be found in the Indian spices. India produces a lot of spices that can be good for hair growth. There are numerous spices and herbs found in India. Spices can be used to solve the problems of thin hair. This can also be a good alternate solution to the expensive treatments that are available on the market. The following are some spices for hair growth:


This herb can be an excellent solution for baldness because of its properties to strengthen hair. For better results, you can APPLY your hair with essential sage oil in between your shampoo sessions. This will give you stronger hair. (Yaniv: I just leave it in my hair for healthy scalp and hair.

Fenugreek Seeds

This is one of the spices for hair growth as it prevents hair loss. Soak seeds overnight and use that water to wash your hair. This will help to get rid of dandruff as well. All these will ensure that your hair grows thicker. (Yaniv: Personally I prefer drinking the water soaked with the seed. It also helps manage blood sugar level and boost energy. 


Thyme is a rich source of iron. One tablespoon of thyme will be enough to give your hair 5 grams of nutrients. You can either add this to your diet or you can massage thyme essential oil on the scalp to treat your hair thinning problems.


This is indeed a lifesaver for thin hair. The hair follicles on the head require sufficient nutrients to produce thick and healthy hair. Consuming cedar oil will help to reinvigorate the follicles and strengthen the hair.

Coriander or Cilantro

This is one of the spices for hair growth. This can be included in the diet, both in leaf and seed form. The best results are when the coriander seed powder is added to the hair oil and then massaged on the scalp, which will help stimulate the hair follicles. (Yaniv: Personally, for a natural hair and scalp mask, I mix ground coriander and coconut oil, apply to my hair, leave it in for 20-40 minutes, and then wash it)


Cumin supports natural hair growth. This can be made as a tonic by boiling the black cumin seeds in water, filtering the liquid and then adding an egg yolk to it. This can then be dabbed on the scalp with the help of a cotton ball. The dandruff will be completely removed and hair growth will be encouraged.

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