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Boost your family’s pizza night with these herbs and spices

RecipesYaniv Cohen
Boost your family’s pizza night with these herbs and spices

Hello everyone, 

Hope your week is going great so far. here is something that has been on mind for a while and I finally got around to write about it.

If your family is like mine, then you know how much we LOVE pizza!

So one of the ways to make it healthier is to replace the regular industrial cheese with organic goat cheese which is easier to digest. Another option is to replace the regular crust with whole wheat or multigrain crust. I also love to get the Kashi frozen pizza since its crust is whole grain and full of protein.

In addition, here are some of my favorite herbs and spices to add as toppings for added health and healing benefits. 



Can be added before or after baking. This Middle Eastern spice blend is incredibly healthy and aids in digestion. The flavors are subtle and work very well with tomatoes and cheese.

Fresh oregano

Sprinkled after baking to prevent burning of leaves.You can’t go wrong with this one, but instead of dried oregano try to add fresh oregano leaves after the pizza is ready. Just sprinkle them on top and enjoy this super herb’s benefits and flavors.


Fresh leaves sprinkled after baking. Delicious fresh punchy and aromatic, not your classic pizza herb but what a difference in flavor and wonderful addition to your health.


Sprinkle before or after baking. This aromatic spice will add a savory citrus touch to your pizza and will compliment most cheeses and vegetables. It is also a power house of antioxidants.


Thyme and Rosemary mix

These two are great together and I like to chop the rosemary leaves smaller to match the size of the thyme. Mix them up and sprinkle freely before or after baking. The fragrance is intoxicating and the benefits to health are immense.

Now you can feel less guilty about the pleasures of pizza!

What about you? what do you top your pizza with? please share some healthy spice  ideas below and don’t forget to hit the share button below.


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