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12 Pumpkin Seed Benefits

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12 Pumpkin Seed Benefits

Article by: Mindy Benkert 

Well, September is here and with highs only in the sixties today, it got me thinking about fall. Fall recipes, pumpkins, hayrides and Halloween. Last year I made roasted pumpkin seeds with my kids for the very first time blissfully unaware of the many pumpkin seed benefits. Pumpkin seeds offer so many health benefits for you, your family and even for your dog… (you can read all about that later

12 Pumpkin Seed Benefits:

  1. Contain many healthy minerals including magnesium, iron and copper
  2. Are a great plant based source of Omega-3
  3. Great for prostate health
  4. Effective at regulating insulin
  5. Improve heart and liver health
  6. Are Anti-Inflammatory
  7. Natural treatment for killing parasites
  8. Prevent kidney stones
  9. Help increase good cholesterol
  10. Promotes a good night’s sleep
  11. A fiber rich snack
  12. Great source of Vitamin B

Can You Eat Raw Pumpkin Seeds?

You can definitely eat raw pumpkin seeds. When you eat them raw, you are preserving the many health benefits they offer. Raw pumpkin seeds can also be soaked and sprouted for even more healthy benefits.

Not a fan of raw pumpkin seeds?

Roasted pumpkin seeds are still a healthy, nutritious snack, especially if you bake them yourself at a low temperature.

How to Bake Raw Pumpkin Seeds:

If you are using fresh pumpkin seeds, they will need to be cleaned off to remove the pulp and pumpkin guts. If you buy raw pumpkin seeds (organic raw pumpkin seeds are a great choice) this will be a little easier for you.

  • Heat your oven no higher than 170 degrees F or 75 degrees C.
  • Spread the seeds out on your baking sheet and sprinkle with sea salt.
  • Bake your raw pumpkin seeds for 15-20 minutes until they are light and crispy.
  • You can spice up your pumpkin seeds by adding some fun flavors like cinnamon, chili powder, or all spice.

Can Dogs Eat Pumpkin Seeds?

Ok, for some, this may sound a little bizzarre, but this is a question that is asked quite frequently. Not only can dogs eat pumpkin seeds, but they are very good for them as well. Your canine can enjoy the many health benefits of pumpkin seeds with another unexpected bonus:

Pumpkin Seeds Kill Parasites.

Lovely I know:

Pumpkin seeds contain the amino acid called cucurbitin, which paralyzes and eliminates the worms from the digestive tract. Pumpkin seeds have other health benefits too – they are loaded with protein, amino acids, fiber, iron, copper, phosphorus and magnesium, calcium, zinc, potassium, folic acid and niacin; all important nutrients to your pet’s overall good health.Dogs Naturally Magazine

To get rid of parasites, Dogs Naturally Magazine recommends giving your pooch a teaspoon of raw pumpkin seeds per 10 pounds of body weight, once or twice a day until the problem is ahem eliminated.

Looking for Bulk Pumpkin Seeds & Free Shipping?

The best source I’ve found for bulk pumpkins seeds and free shipping options, would have to be good old Amazon. There isn’t much you can’t find on Amazon. Nuts.comalso has quality bulk pumpkin seeds, but free shipping is not offered as far as I know.


I am almost in shock right now because I can’t believe I just finished a blog post in one evening, with just one slight interruption that required some rocking and snuggling. I love blogging, but lately as soon as I sit down to write, something happens, kids need something, toddler wakes up unexpectedly… You know how it goes.

It is my heart and passion to share, grow and learn with you and I thank you so much for reading and sharing along with me.