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17 Amazing Health Benefits Of Dates For Skin, Hair And Health

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17 Amazing Health Benefits Of Dates For Skin, Hair And Health

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Dates, popularly called (Khajoor/Khajur) in Hindi, ‘Kharjuramu‘ in Telugu, ‘Pericham pazham‘ in Tamil, ‘Eenthapazham‘ in Malayalam, ‘Kharjoora‘ in Kannada, ‘Khejoor‘ in Bengali, ‘Khajur‘ in Gujarati and ‘Kharik‘ in Marathi.  Dates are eaten as a regular dry fruit by most of the people – are a very rich source of vitamins and minerals and are very beneficial for the body. People in the Middle East and the Indus Valley used to consume dates as a staple food. It’s a miracle fruit that does us tons of good. Keeping this in mind, it is important to try and promote the consumption of dates on a frequent basis.

Benefits Of Dates:

Dates are packed with a host of nutrients that provide several benefits for the skin and hair, and for your overall health. They are also known to improve eyesight and night blindness. Dates have no side effects and can be easily included in your diet.

Health Benefits of Dates:

Let’s have a look at the amazing dates’ health benefits:

1. Cholesterol and Fat:

Dates are free from cholesterol and do not contain excessive fat amounts.
You can easily substitute fatty food items with dates, which gives you much more nutrition for the same amount of calories.

2. Proteins:

Dates provide readily assimilable proteins that are required by the body.
They are a rich source of the nutrients which are the main building blocks for muscles.
Dates provide us with plenty of proteins, which are in turn very essential for the regular functioning of the body.

3. Vitamins:

Dates are also rich in various types of vitamins.
It contains vitamins like B1, B2, B3 and B5, as well as A1 and C. You can easily consume most of your required dose of vitamins by making dates a part of your diet.

4. Energy:

You can have dates for a quick-snack as the natural sugars in it boosts the body’s energy.
It avoids the need for you to have an unhealthy snack or a high calorie meal.

5. Potassium and Sodium:

Dates are rich in potassium andhave very less sodium, which is a good combination for a healthy nervous system.
The potassium in the dates reduces cholesterol and also lessens the risk of a stroke.

6. Iron:

Iron is an important element for the human body.
Dates are rich sources of iron. People who are suffering from iron deficiency can include dates in their diet to hike their iron levels.
The fluorine in dates helps to prevent tooth decay.

7. Constipation:

People suffering from constipation should have dates soaked in water.

8. Weight Gain and Intoxication:

Dates are good supplements for weight gain.
They are also used for detoxifying the body after over-consumption of alcohol.

9. Sexual Advantage:

Dates are known to increase one’s sexual stamina. It has been used as an aphrodisiac since ages.
For this purpose, dates have to be soaked overnight in goat milk and consumed the next morning.

10. Abdominal Cancer Cure:

Dates help in curing abdominal cancer.

The benefits of dates are so many, that one must make it a habit to include dates in their daily diet.

Skin Benefits Of Dates:

Dates are one of the sweetest fruits in the world. As mentioned earlier, dates are loaded with vitamins A, B1, B2, protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium. These nutrients not only boost our overall health, but also make our skin beautiful and supple.

Let’s take a look at the skin benefits provided by dates:

11. Improves Skin Elasticity:

Dates are a good source of vitamin C and vitamin P. These help enhance the skin’s elasticity.
The nutrients in dates also enhance the quality of the subcutaneous tissues, making your skin tender and smooth.
Regular intake of dates can combat various skin problems, as well as strengthen the elasticity of your skin.

12. Anti-ageing Benefits:

Free radicals damage your skin cells, causing premature ageing of skin. Vitamin C present in dates helps resist oxidation.
It also prevents the accumulation of melanin in your body.
The nutrients in dates prevent fine lines and wrinkles.
Dates have been considered as the herbal elixir of life since ages. They are renowned for enriching and replenishing blood, thus providing you with a youthful-looking skin.

13. Treatment of Skin Problems:

Vitamin B contained in dates is beneficial for your skin
Deficiency of this vitamin can lead to several skin problems
Being a natural source of vitamin B, dates can help remove skin problems like stretch marks

14. Benefits of Dates Oil:

The oil extracted from dates is loaded with the nutritional value of dates.
They also contain anti-microbial properties which make it a perfect massage oil to treat skin problems.
In fact, it is a popular age-old remedy for regenerating and rejuvenating ageing skin, and healing cuts and scars.