Miracles Grow on Trees

The Miracle Fruit is native to West Africa. The fruit is also called by other popular names such as Fruit Miracle, Miracle Berry, Miraculous Berry, Fruta Milagrosa, and Bakeriella Dulcifica among others. This fresh fruit can trigger citrus foods like limes and lemons to taste sweet. It consists of glycoprotein particles known as “miraculin”. Whenever the fleshy part of the fruit is consumed, its miraculin adheres towards the tongue’s taste buds, which creates taste-modifying results. The miracle fruit is an exotic plant that not known to many but provides great health benefits.


Good for Diabetics

Diabetes is among the toughest health conditions for anyone to cope with. When the condition is left untreated and the glucose in the blood is not regulated, this can lead to problems like strokes, kidney failure, cardiac arrest, loss of sight, and other injuries. In order to manage sugar levels, people need to make a change in their lifestyle and strive to be healthier. Of course one of the most difficult parts of being a diabetic is avoiding sweets. But with the help of miracle fruit, it can serve as an all-natural sweetener that can make a sour and bitter taste sweet. In addition, the fruit assists in cleaning the body with its nutrients and anti-oxidant properties. Diabetics can now enjoy all the sweetness they crave for with no worries about any harmful side effects.


Weight Loss

Miracle fruit only is low on calories and contains no fat- making it an excellent natural weight-loss aid. You can trick your sweet tooth with this miracle berry by consuming it eating some sugar-free deserts. You can also make some homemade desserts like strawberry shortcake, rhubarb pie, or lemon meringue without sugar or artificial sweeteners.



Miracle berries were given to people who are going through radiation treatment, which has a side effect of having a metallic and bitter taste within the mouth. With these berries, these tastes will be transformed into a sweet one, thus motivating sufferers to consume the fruit and obtain the essential nutrients.

Effective Food Enhancer

The fruit can improve the taste of some fruits and vegetables like broccoli, strawberries, lettuce, pineapple, grapes, etc. It can also make a food taste better, especially for those who are avoiding a specific food. Moreover, it can mask the essence of food, while enhancing the taste. Hot and spicy food can have a sweet flavor, thus those who don’t like spicy food can now enjoy.


Improved Well-Being

Including a miracle fruit in the normal diet will help sustain a healthy lifestyle. One can consume it together with come lemon tea, or some fruits and vegetables. Doing so will provide the body with vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants, thus one can be spared from different diseases.