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About the team


Egidio Guerreri was born in Rome, Italy in 1966 and he graduated in law from the Sapienza University of Rome, Italy in 1990. After his Master degree in European Law at the College of Europe in Bruges, Belgium he worked for a year as a lawyer for the law firm Chiomenti e Associati in Brussels and then between 1992and 2002 as a legal counsel specialized on copyright, trademark, patents and intellectual property issues for the European Commission in Brussels. After two sabbatical years during which he decided to follow his dream in Mykonos he finally resigned his post in the European Commission in 2004.

Nikos Nanou was born in Xanthi, Greece in 1968 and he graduated in psychology from the Aristotelion University of Thessaloniki, Greece in 1992. He also obtained a journalism degree from the Journalism College of Athens in 1993. He never practiced any of the above though, as since May 1992 got involved into the restaurant business in Mykonos. First at the Yves Klein Blue restaurant between 1992 and 1997. Mykonos being a seasonal destination, he has had working experiences during his winter travels back then in different places around the world i.e. London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Melbourne, always in the restaurant field and always as front of the house. Then in January 1998 he opened his first restaurant in Brussels, in the European District close to all the European institutions. A mediterranean concept called Balthazar that became an instant hit between the high rank “eurocrats” and diplomats. He managed this place until March 2002 and eventually sold it in 2005.

Nikos and Egidio met in Brussels through common friends in October 1997 and they started their first professional adventure together back in the island of Mykonos, Greece in 2002 with the opening of the Italian Trattoria Aqua. A cosy everyday place in a beautiful but “touristic” location that served traditional Italian food and managed to attract the not “touristic” crowd.  It took Aqua just a couple of months to get established and it became, during the five years that they run it before selling it in 2006, a point of reference for the Greek and international crowd of Mykonos.

In 2005 a very interesting proposal for a consulting job on the F&B department of the Londa hotel in Limassol, Cyprus turned out to be a great experience, kept them busy for 10 months and resulted to to a successful reopening of the hotel after its complete renovation. 

In 2007 they moved a step forward in Mykonos with the opening of the high end Italian concept of Gola (www.gola.gr). An amazing lounge bar restaurant in a stunning location with views over the sunset and the sacred island of Delos. The size, location and design of the venue was ideal for big scale events and private parties and it catered to lots of similar activities.

In 2010 the moment had come for a Greek restaurant and Bakaló (www.bakalo.gr) was born as a revisited Greek eatery. Traditional Greek grandma’s recipes adjusted to the new era standards. 2011 another Italian concept is born. Catarí (www.catari.gr)  is going back to essential! Authentic Italian food, all the classics plus a real Neapolitan pizza served in a beautiful garden of an old Mykonian villa that could easily be on the Amalfi rivieraThe common element of all these different places that they have created through the years (apart from the open kitchens) is the “hospitality concept”. They love working in an international environment and interacting with people from all around the world, speaking different languages (5 each) and making new friends through their clients at the restaurants.
No matter how big or small or expensive or design the restaurant is, what really makesthe experience of dining in their places unique is the attention to the smallest details and the personalized service




Yaniv  Cohen the creative director and VP of  Shiraz Events an international catering and event company renowned for creative cuisine, impeccable service  standard and fashion forward décor. Yaniv has been spending most of his life in kitchen, from his grandma's kitchen to NYC restaurant .Working for numerous chefs, celebrities and restaurants, Yaniv developed an extensive familiarity in creating impeccable dishes that attract an exclusive clientele.

In addition,  in recent years Yaniv has become known for his work as The Spice Detective, a blog about food, spices, herbs and everything in between.

Our Restaurant Concept Description


The restaurant will feature traditional Mediterranean recipes adapted to the new era. The key element is the “Mediterranean diet” through the extensive use of olive oil, organic ingredients, best sourced fresh products preferably from local producers, as well as specialty items from the Mediterranean countries. All dishes will be prepared daily in our kitchen, using new techniques that will safeguard flavors, The menu will consist of all time classics, some of them with a twist, and of course of modern reinterpretations and creations that reflect contemporary trends, our dishes will be served with the intention of being shared with friend and family.

Fish, shellfish, meat and vegetarian options will be equally present and will make the dining experience a unique journey to the aromas and flavors of the Mediterranean. Wine, beer, and a full bar with a specialty cocktail menu infusing the flavors of the region will also be available to compliment the dishes. Outside seating area (approx. 30 covers) will allow guests to enjoy the street feeling and alfresco dining.   

The eatery will have some delicate retro decorative touches which will be reminiscent of a Mediterranean style bistro, where dishes will be prepared in an open plan kitchen with wafting aromas.  The walls will be adorned with 50s and 60s posters and shelves with typical grocery products. A long wooden chef table will be there for those groups of friends who would like to seat together and enjoy the laid back relaxed feeling and the casual trendy ambience.

Estimated seats: 80/100. Average spending around 45 $ Estimated surface 2800 sq. ft.


Customer profile

Mid thirties young professionals, families, health conscious, foodies, right balance of locals and tourists, in search of fresh, high quality  Mediterranean flavors in a welcoming, local yet chic atmosphere.


Our working Menu

Yogurt and cucumber salad – sumac sprinkle
Zucchini fritters
Sweet potato latkes
Classic salad with sheep milk feta (za'atar) 
Mediterranean ceviche (catch of the day)

Maze platter- daily offerings
Cheese dumpling with heirloom tomatoes and lemon relish
Grilled squid stuffed with spinach rice
Shrimp Saganaki with oregano feta and roasted red peppers
Deconstructed Baba-ganoush
Secret falafel platter
Grilled whole fish of the day, with roasted lemon potatoes and fresh farmers salad

Grilled Vegetable of the day platter
Mint scented Quinoa tabouleh
Sumac crusted chicken skewers
Local fish skeweres
Orange, thyme and garlic octopus
Grass fed marinated beef skewers
Lamb Kofta
Turmeric roasted cauliflower over dill yogurt sauce
Individual israeli Shakshuka
Stuffed cabbage in light tomato sauce.
Nana's moussaka
Lamb meatball in a cumin scented roasted tomatoes sauce
Malabi – Mediterranean flan
Dates coconut  and dried fruit roulade
Honey pie ice cream
Cheese mousse with fig compote
Spiced poached pear with exotic fruit and ice cream
Baklava platter
Tahini mousse with pomegranate sauce

Our vision Description

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